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Netiks provides the technology applications

behind BankMed’s innovation

On the issue of November 29th in Al Nahar newspaper, Mr. Hatem Chaarani (Electronic Delivery Channel & Card Products Manager) highlights BankMed’s strategy that consists in offering a wide collection of secure credit cards depending on the needs and lifestyle of each card holder, based on several criteria such as income, age, profession, spending patterns…

On another hand, Mr. Chaarani highlights the MedMiles credit card that was elaborated in cooperation with Middle East Airlines. The MedMiles credit card was nominated as the best credit card in Lebanon in 2012.

Some of the benefits acquired by MedMiles cardholders are:
  • Free entrance to business lounges in more than 100 airports around the world.
  • Access to special offers with merchants and partners.
  • Collecting loyalty miles that can be redeemed into trips around the world through
  • Double or multiply the value of the miles earned without the need to increase spending.
  • In addition to many other special services (free parking, free accesses…)

Mr. Chaarani also spoke about the importance of the BankMed online services (Internet Banking) and explained how BankMed is using the latest technologies to provide their faithful customers with unique advantages.

One of the new services to be launched soon is MedMobile. MedMobile is the mobile app that will provide exclusive benefits such as directions on how to access lounges in airports around the world as soon as you land in a foreign country.

Netiks has designed and developed the applications mentioned below in collaboration with BankMed:
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