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The Integrated View application extends the reach of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Solution Overview
The Integrated View seamlessly displays data sitting outside CRM within CRM screens. It enables the segmentation of customers based on their transaction details without the need to import them into CRM and lets you select a portion of the outreached data to perform typical CRM actions such as Case Management or Sales follow-up actions.

Business Value
With the Integrated View in place, no need to duplicate transactional data. No need for daily synchronization batches, no need for developing integration programs that require constant monitoring and maintenance. Data stays where it belongs and CRM reaches out for it.
Practically, you can keep your Accounting, Inventory, Payments, Policies, Claims or other transactional (and usually bulky) data where it belongs while accessing it for CRM purposes like segmentation, case handling or sales follow-up actions for example.
The Integrated View comes with a powerful Configuration Tool that “discovers” the extended data structure and helps you map it into CRM.

Transactional data displayed inside a CRM call center case screen

Segmentation based on external data filters

Selecting contacts filtered by external transactional criteria to add them to a marketing campaign

Integrated View configuration: defining entity mapping attributes

Technical Features
- Create virtual entities in CRM that shows data from external data sources
- Keep your transactional data in their systems and access them within CRM screens
- No more data duplicated in many systems
- No more development of custom integration applications
- No more execution daily synchronization batches
- No need for coding skills
- Connect to Web Service, WCF Service, and Web API to show real-time data in CRM Connect to
     Database to query data and segment your customers
- Save your search query in CRM
- Fully integrated with CRM
- Easily pluggable in CRM Forms and sitemap
- Easily populate information from the Integrated View results to CRM forms/fields
- Multiple instances
- Multiple languages
- Use Integrated View service to query and read data from external data Reduce storage cost
- Supported with CRM 2011,2013, and 2015
- Segment your customers using Integrated View and synchronize the marketing lists with MDM
     (Microsoft Dynamics Marketing)
- Discovery of data sources schema
- Extends CRM Online capabilities
- Increase sales using the Sales Recommendations add-on that is based on the Integrated View