Overloaded bank tellers and nagging clients Are your bank tellers overloaded?
Are your clients nagging from tax payment procedures?
Do you want to retain your customers through a new online service?
The MOF eTaxation Payment Gateway
is the answer to your problems
Through your eTaxation Gateway your customers will
Pay taxes online

Pay their taxes
Online anytime.
Avoid getting stuck in traffic

Avoid unwanted visits
to the bank and getting
stuck in traffic.
Pay taxes easily

Pay their taxes easily,
even if they don't use
your eBanking Solution.
The following picture shows 3 options for citizens to pay taxes online
3 Options for citizens to pay taxes online
quotes The VAT brought 2.1 Billion Dollars of yearly revenues to the Ministry of Finance in 2015.
check Get the valuable advantages of the eTaxation Gateway simply by adding this feature to your Online Banking.
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