Netiks 360 RealEstate

Do you want to stay up-to-date on the status of your properties? Do you want to stay up-to-date on the status of your properties?
Do you want to completely track the sales, contract and payment processes?
Do you want to provide real-time views on goals and revenues to top management?
Netiks CRM 360RealEstate
helps you sustain customer relationships
by maintaining budgets and forecasting revenue for properties
Give your industry a complete view of activity
across multiple channels

Customer Management
Customer Management
Providing a 360° view
over Brokers, Contractors,
Customers, Engineers,
Owners, Tenants, Suppliers
and Service Providers.
Budget, Expenses & Proceeds Management
Budget, Expenses
& Proceeds Management

Allocating a yearly budget,
tracking year-to-date revenue
and visualizing past and
future revenue.

Inspection Management

Setting grades, adding
comments, capturing
property pictures and
adding signature
onsite using a Mobile
Property Management

Management of
properties, facilities,
equipment, services
and any other
Contract Management

Management of
agreements, contracts,
related invoices,
penalty calculations
and reminders.
The ‘Budget, Expenses & Proceeds’ Management Module allows the property manager to prepare a budget and to track it against proceeds and expenses and provides deep visibility into past and future revenue using reports and dashboards.
Netiks CRM 360RealEstate - Budget, Expenses & Proceeds Management Module
quotes 80% of leads are either lost or never followed-up because
no proper documentation was created for them.
check Improve your sales and marketing plans and deliver better customer service. Get Netiks CRM 360RealEstate.
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