Genetiks Chatbot

. Are your bank tellers overloaded? . Are your clients nagging from tax payment procedures? . Do you want to retain your customers through a new digital banking service?
Hi, I'm Genetiks,
a Talented & Multilingual Chatbot.

I can help you connect with your customers the right way.

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Genetiks is an intelligent Chatbot dedicated to interacting with clients.
It can handle several customers at once, whether to start a sales conversation or to answer requests in a friendly style.
Capture Data Insights About Consumers

Capture Data Insights

Track consumer behaviour and decide what marketing strategy to follow.
Guide the Clients to 'Call to Action'

Guide the Clients to 'Call to Action'

Help clients reach decisions and take actions by filling forms, providing info, etc...
NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Natural Language Processing

Understand client messages, derive meaning and respond appropriately.
Genetiks Benefits

Many Benefits with Genetiks:

bulletA Better Customer Service

bulletGenerate and Qualify
    More Leads

bulletGet Multi-Language
85% of all customer interactions will be handled
without a human agent by 2020

Don't get left behind!
Stay ahead and get Genetiks Chatbot for your business.

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or call us on +961 5 957 759

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