Netiks 360 Bank - Part 1

Overloaded bank tellers and nagging clients Do you need to know your customers to better serve them?
Is everyone in your organization aligned when it comes to customers?
Would you like your customers to “feel unique in your eyes”?
Netiks CRM 360Bank gives you the insight
to better understand your customers
Drive your customer relationship from transactional to personal
Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer
Access all the information
related to the customers:
Personal, Professional, Family,
Financial, Lifestyle,
Social Media, …
Customer 360 View

Customer 360 View
A personalized View
of your customer relationship:
Smart Notifications,
Optimized Sales Recommendations,
Next Best Actions, …
Netiks CRM 360Bank incorporates a rich dashboard, combining all prospect and customer information in an analytic and user-friendly view
Netiks CRM 360Bank analytic and user-friendly dashboard
quotes In 2015, more than 40,000 companies were using Microsoft Dynamics CRM; which is more than 4 million individual Dynamics CRM users.
check Digest your customer info right away, instead of navigating through multiple tabs and windows. Detect opportunities, solve complaints and fulfill essential needs. Get Netiks CRM 360Bank.
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