Netiks CRM Process Automation Solution

stop writing code Do you agree that well-defined processes are crucial to provide a superior and consistent Customer Experience?
Do you need to build a process with Stages, Actions, Documents and Notifications related to any entity in Microsoft CRM?
The Netiks CRM Process Automation Solution
will provide you with a fully-fledged solution
to better control business processes
The Netiks Process Automation tool is designed to manage
and monitor business processes intuitively,
where you will no longer need to:

Advanced Business Processes
- Configure Workflows
- Configure Notifications
- Configure SLAs to monitor
the team’s work

The Related Stages for Each Process
- Write Code to create Action activities
- Write Code to create Documents’ checklists
- Write Code to apply Multi-Level Approval
on Actions and Documents

The Netiks CRM Process Automation is a horizontal solution that fits all industries. In the below example, we will illustrate the way the Netiks Process Automation serves an Embassy to process visas in a consistent way:

click image to enlarge

Netiks CRM Process Automation - Processing Visas Consistently click image to enlarge

quotes Businesses don't achieve ROI by putting data into a CRM system. They achieve ROI when manual business processes are automated and productivity increases.
check Get the Netiks “CRM Process Automation Module” today to provide a superior and consistent Customer Experience through well-defined Processes.
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