An extra layer of security Do you want to provide your clients with an extra layer of security?
Are you looking for a way to protect your clients' login with a secure and unique password every time?
Is protecting your clients from identity theft and cyber crime one of your top priorities?
Netiks OTP (One Time Password Platform)
provides your clients with an extra layer of security
"Protect before you Connect"
How OTP works for your clients
Signing in requires 2 elements: Password & Mobile

Signing in requires 2 elements: Something your clients know
'their Password' and something they have 'their Phone'
Unique codes sent to mobile via SMS

Unique codes will be either sent to your clients' mobile phones via SMS or they will get them using the Netiks OTP Mobile App
Use your phone to generate OTP

Clients can use their phone to generate OTP, whereas other vendors require clients to purchase hardware tokens to generate OTP
What if a client's phone is UNAVAILABLE, LOST OR STOLEN?
1. They can generate backup codes and use them to login.
     Each of these codes can only be used once.

Generated backup codes used to login
2. They can access their OTP Settings to change to another device.

Access OTP Settings to change mobile device
3. They can access their OTP Settings to switch to SMS.

Access OTP Settings to switch to SMS
quotes An estimated 556 million people worldwide fall victim to internet crime each year; which is over 1.5 million victims / day and 18 victims / second.
check Give your clients an extra layer of security with Netiks OTP:
A product with an easy online enrollment process, that can be customized to client needs and with an app that needs no data connectivity.
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