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Weak AI vs. Strong AI: Exploring the Depths of Artificial Intelligence
Current AI systems, often referred to as Weak or Narrow AI, have not yet achieved human-like cognition. The elusive concept of Strong AI, capable of learning and thinking akin to humans without human programming, seems to linger just beyond the horizon. In this exploration, we delve into the distinctions between these two dimensions of AI.
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Artificial Intelligence, the giants take it all! (And woe to the small) by Joe Abi Aad
ChatGPT and the underlying AI technologies it represents evoke both fascination and concern. ChatGPT is the result of advances in mathematical research, machine power, and the proliferation of data on the internet. It represents a new technological revolution that is just beginning, with significant perspectives and challenges. Artificial intelligence (AI) covers a wide variety of technologies and application areas. These AI applications have already begun to transform many areas, including fina...
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