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Elevate Your Sales Strategy with Sales Recommendations

The Sales Recommendation Module is a powerful tool leveraged by marketing executives to drive cross-selling and up-selling initiatives, all hinged on the insights derived from customer profiles and transactional data. Seamlessly blending business acumen with data-driven precision, this module empowers your customer-facing professionals to make informed, targeted recommendations that resonate with your customers.


At the heart of the Sales Recommendation Module lies a wealth of business value:

1. Informed Decision-Making: Crafted by marketing experts, the rules implemented within this module are founded on years of industry experience. They equip your customer-facing teams with clear directives, ensuring they know precisely which products or services to recommend to walk-in customers.

2. Multi-Channel Engagement: Beyond face-to-face interactions, this module extends its reach to various customer touchpoints. It can seamlessly deliver tailored offers through ATMs, mobile banking apps, or internet banking systems, ensuring your customers encounter compelling recommendations wherever they engage with your brand.

The Sales Recommendations Admin module offers a granular level of control, allowing you to tailor recommendations to match your unique business requirements. With this module, you can set rules such as:

- Customer Segmentation: Define customer segments based on criteria like age, employer type, and income range. For instance, if a customer falls between the ages of 25 and 35, works at a school, and earns between $1,000 and $2,000 USD, you can recommend a silver credit card.
- Persuasive Sales Scripts: Enhance your sales team's effectiveness by attaching persuasive sales scripts to recommendations. These scripts assist sales personnel in effectively communicating the benefits of your offerings to customers.
- Offer Management: Ensure recommendations aren't repetitive by allowing customers to snooze offers. This feature prevents customers from feeling overwhelmed with constant proposals.
- Action Tracking: Every interaction and action triggered by a recommendation is meticulously logged. This enables you to gauge the performance of your inbound marketing campaigns, providing valuable insights for continuous improvement.

The Sales Recommendation Module offers a range of technical features to ensure seamless operation:

  • Configurable Rules: Build rules effortlessly using CRM queries for CRM data or Integrated View queries for external data sources. For example, you can create rules based on a customer's personal and transactional data, such as "Offer the product only if 'Number of unpaid loan bills = 0'."
  • Marketing Lists: Corresponding marketing lists are generated for each rule, facilitating targeted outbound campaigns.
  • Offer Management: Prevent customer solicitation fatigue by offering a snooze option, striking the right balance between engagement and intrusion.
  • Action Monitoring: Keep tabs on every step of the sales process, from recommendation to conversion, ensuring no opportunity is missed.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Gain insights into the effectiveness of your rules with reports showcasing the coverage of defined rules among your customer base. Additionally, assess the performance of each rule by comparing the number of offers made to the actual products sold.


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Elevate your sales strategy, empower your sales teams, and engage your customers like never before with the Sales Recommendation Module. Seamlessly blend business expertise with data-driven precision to maximize your sales potential.
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