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Sales Recommendations


The Sales Recommendation Module is used by marketing executives to set cross-selling and up-selling recommendations based on customer profiles and transactions.

The rules set are based on the marketing team business experience and makes it easy for customer facing professionals to know exactly what to propose to walk-in customers. It can also be used to display targeted offers on ATMs, mobile banking Apps or internet banking systems.

The Sales Recommendations Admin module lets you specify rules such as: If customer age is between 25 and 35, if employer is a school and if salary between 1,000 and 2,000 USD then offer a silver credit card. A sales script can be added to help the sales person convince the customer. The offer can be snoozed so that it is not constantly proposed and all actions are logged to measure the the performance of the inbound marketing campaign triggered by the rule.

  • Configure rules by building CRM queries for CRM data
  • Configure rules by building Integrated View queries that reads data from outside CRM.
    Example: Configure rules based on personal and transactional data. Ex: Offer the product only if "Number of unpaid loan bills = 0"
  • Creation of marketing lists corresponding to the rules to run outbound campaigns
  • Snooze offers to avoid too many customer solicitations
  • Sales action monitoring and follow-up at each step
  • Reporting on rule relevance: how many customers will we cover with the rules defined
  • Reporting on sales results and efficiency ratios of each rule: how many offers vs how many products sold.





Sales Recommendation Chart