Netiks 360Bank


Netiks 360Bank is a Dynamics 365 product that allows you to display customer information fetched from multiple sources all in one place.


The main components of the Netiks 360Bank product are the following:


  • Sales Recommendations : Displays categorized recommendations of products to upsell or cross-sell based on pre-defined configurable queries.
  • Alerts : Displays notifications with different severity based on pre-defined configurable queries.
  • Key Business Indicators : Displays a quick result in a color-coded box to help users quickly identify key aspects of the current customer.
  • Actions : A set of configurable buttons that can do anything from opening a URL with parameters, launching a report, creating a new record or downloading an attachment.
  • Counters : Configurable counters that can help users quickly tell key stats about the customer.
  • Touchpoints : A Timeline of activities, cases and opportunities related to the customer sorted by time, category, status. The entities displayed in the touchpoints are configurable along with the grouping and default views.


Our products need a valid license in order to work as expected.

To obtain a license for the Netiks 360Bank Product, you need to do the following:

 1. Go to Settings → Solutions

 2. Open the Netiks 360Bank Solution

 3. Make sure you’re in the Configuration page

 4. Fill in the required info and click “Activate Trial”.

 5. A Trial License will be activated for 1 month.

 6. If you want to buy a license, click “Get License”. Someone from Netiks will be in contact shortly.

Since the Netiks 360Bank product contains multiple components, not all of them fall under the same license. In order to license the whole product, 3 licenses need to be generated:

  • Netiks 360 (Solution)
  • Smart Notifications (Solution)
  • Sales Recommendations (Solution)

If a license is not activated, components will not work as expected.



 1. Open your web browser and go to Microsoft AppSource

 2. Search for Netiks 360Bank app

 3. Locate the app and click install

 4. You might be asked to login to your dynamics online instance, in case you are not

 5. Follow the installation wizard until you reach the successful message

 6. After installation, go to your Dynamics 365 instance ( with a System Admin user)

 7. Go to Settings

 8. Choose Product Types under Recommendations

 9. Click in the command bar

 10. Go to Settings → Security → Users

 11. Select any user that will be using the Netiks360 Product

 12. Give the user the following roles:

  o Netiks – 360Bank – User

  o Netiks – Customer Touchpoints – User

  o Netiks – KBI Indicators – User

  o Netiks – Smart Notifications – User

 13. Go to settings → 360Bank → Button Configurations → Publish

 14. Go to the Netiks 360Bank App

 15. Go to the list of contacts

 16. Select any contact (or create a new one if none exist)

 17. In the form selector, choose the 360 form

 18. You should see the Netiks 360 Form.


Sample Configuration

In order to simplify the configuration process, we have included sample configuration data for each component.

  • Sales Recommendations:

  o Sample products: A list of products that end with (sample). These can be removed once you configure your own.

  o Recommendations: We have created a sample recommendation configuration with a query (contact’s gender does not contain data). As long as this condition is true, the recommendation will appear.

  o Configuration Location: Settings → Recommendations

  • Alerts:

  o We have set a sample alert to display when the contact’s gender is missing.

  o Configuration Location: Settings → Notifications

  • Key Business Indicators :

  o We have created 4 KBIs:
   - Case Indicator
   - Delinquency
   - Satisfaction
   - Engagement

  o Configuration Location: Settings → KBI Holders

  • Actions:

  o We have created 4 Button configurations to demonstrate the 4 types of actions:
   - Google: Opens a URL with the contact’s name as parameter
   - New Task: Creates a new task related to the current contact
   - Products: Opens an out-of-the-box report regarding the current contact
   - Signature: Download or Previews an image on the contact (for this to work, you need to attach an image containing the word ‘signature’ in its name.)

  o Configuration Location: Settings → Button Configurations (Make sure to hit after any changes done in the button configurations)

  • Counters:

  o We have created 1 counter: Sales. It counts the open opportunities related to the contact.

  o Configuration Location: Settings → Counter Configurations

  • Touchpoints:

  o Our default touchpoints are the Activities, Cases and Opportunities.

  o These are configurable as well based on need, you can remove or add touchpoint entities.

  o Configuration Location: Settings → Touchpoint Categories