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Our Founding Partners

Joe Abi-Aad - Netiks Founding Partner

Joe Abi-Aad

Born in Lebanon in 1962, Joe Abi-Aad graduated from the prestigious École Centrale de Paris, with a Software Engineering specialization, to pursue afterwards a Masters degree in Computer Science from American NYU.

Armed with a strong academic portfolio, Abi-Aad landed his first job in Paris in 1986 at Accenture (former Andersen Consulting) the leading global management consulting firm. Joe was assigned as a member in the team responsible for developing the Paris Stock Exchange back office system, a challenging task through which he acquired “hands on” experience.

In 1990, Joe joined GE Information Services as a business consultant in charge of deploying electronic commerce communities in Europe, orchestrating between suppliers and buyers of major corporations (Intel, AMD, Motorola, SGS Thomson, Valeo, Bosch, SKS, Renault, and Philips)

Joe returned to Lebanon in 1995 to finally establish his own company specialized in website design and development “Netgate”. Netiks sarl started in 2000 only to become Netiks International sal in 2003, when another achiever, Georges Antaki, became partner in the company, joining hands for more success. In March 2016 Joe graduated from the UK Lebanon Technology Hub program aiming at scaling-up successful technology companies. The program relied namely on the Rockefeller business habits and on the way innovation, combined with human capital, leads to profitable growth.

Georges Antaki - Netiks Founding Partner

Georges Antaki

Born in Lebanon in 1973, Georges Antaki graduated from the Lebanese-American University with a double major: Industrial Engineering and International Affairs/Political Science. Partner in Netiks International sal since 2003, Antaki had a particular flair for achievement with a passion for knowledge since a very young age.

Antaki’s technical know-how and strategic insights surely added to the company’s prominence: a good tutor, his experience and lessons highlighted the uniqueness of Netiks’ products and service. Thanks to good customers’ knowledge, a comprehension of all the verticals (Banking, Government, Education) and a high sales performance of Netiks’ commercial team, the company gained ground in no time.

Antaki is a member in the « Rassemblement de Dirigeants et Chefs d’Entreprises Libanais » (RDCL) an active organization centered on the promotion of better business in Lebanon and the defense of the economic liberalism and the interests of private enterprise.

Our Teams


   Dynamic & Passionate

Netiks success is created by a team of young and dynamic professionals who believe in ethics, outspokenness and have a passion for technology and continuous improvement.

   Dedicated & Professional

From kick-start to sign-off, our dedicated team, a blend of engineers, designers, marketers and customer experience specialists will service you with commitment, professionalism and a constant aspiration for customer satisfaction.

Netiks Teams - Dynamic & Passionate, Dedicated & Professional